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The praying Apostle. A Dangerous Daughter. A Student and Friend of God. Born with a purpose. Delivered to fulfill His plan.

Yolanda Stith

Apostle Yolanda M. Stith is the Lead Pastor of the All Nations Worship Assembly Baltimore, President of PHB Ministries and the Founder of Junia's Table. She has been called to articulate God’s truths and to raise servant leaders in ministry and the marketplace. She's a woman of wisdom and through her ministry, God has transformed many lives. You will note with Apostle Stith, that worship, prayer and obedience are KEYS to advancement, of any kind. She is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College, thriving business woman, song writer and a published author. On March 23, 2013, Yolanda M. Stith was commissioned into the office of an Apostle, by her spiritual father, and continues to serve the vision. In addition to being a servant to God’s people, she is a servant first, to her husband and 4 children.

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" C'mon and Pray!"

- Yolanda Stith


Pastor. Teacher. Man of Wisdom. Mentor. A lover of Jesus. On assignment to raise an army of Believers that love God.

Kori K. Stith Sr. serves as a Pastor and Teacher at All Nations Worship Assembly Baltimore. Pastor Stith is known for his impactful wisdom, delightful demeanor and humorous approach to hard topics. A Teacher at heart, he has a profound ability to communicate the parables of Jesus with simplicity and revelatory power, which extends life changing moments to those in his presence.  He serves as a mentor to many men and youth in Baltimore City and surrounding areas. He is a passionate individual, as it relates to communicating “truths about life on the streets” and understands that one conversation can transform someone’s mind. Pastor Stith has learned much through life and has dedicated his life to changing someone else’s.  Jesus has become his first love! He partners in ministry with his beautiful wife, Apostle Yolanda M. Stith. Together they are raising an army of Kingdom Believers, that love their God!

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