Matthew       Stevenson

Global Senior Pastor

Founder and Cutting Edge Visionary of All Nations Worship Assembly of Chicago. He is a governmental minister, social advocate and a premiere voice that God is using to radically impact the spiritual climates of cities around the world. His ministry career, to this point, has shown that heaven has gripped him to confront, ignite and give expression to the moves of the Spirit for this and successive seasons in the body of Christ. Whether it is through public preaching and teaching, speaking for social and cultural events or through his provocative literary works, he is a distinctly peculiar sound for this hour.



He announced his entrance into public ministry in 1999 and began his first pastorate in 2003 at the assembly he currently pastors. Known primarily for a potent prophetic emphasis and mantle, Dr. Stevenson preaches to bring to fore hidden truths and revelation that unlock supernatural passion, zeal and energy in the hearts of believers and leaders around the world, to accomplish at a higher level and ability. Known for a challenging and penetrating word and strong articulation of the mind of God, he has been used to impact leaders in over 10 countries and counting.



He is the natural father of 3 and the husband of Dr. Kamilah Stevenson, his co-laborer in destiny.  He is presently the Founder and Senior Leader of All Nations Worship Assembly, and the Apostolic Overseer of The G.A.T.E. Network. It is through The G.A.T.E. that He oversees a national family of churches, Para-church ministries, and civic leaders.

Kamilah Stevenson

A gatherer of information and possessor of revelation knowledge describes the ministry of Dr. Kamilah Stevenson, the wife of Dr. Matthew Stevenson, and a cutting-edge minister in her own right. She is a powerful communicator of the word of truth to a generation indifferent towards the Church and the message of the Gospel.

In addition to her responsibilities alongside her husband as the co-senior leader of the thriving All Nations Worship Assembly of Chicago, IL, she is also the Founder and Vision Holder of Pneuma Life Ministries, a healing, wholeness and missions organization. The goal of the organization is to minister the Gospel of Grace to the whole man – spirit, soul, and body.

A provocative and radical reacher, she has committed herself to being and training others to become living epistles to be read of men, even in the darkest of places. She is a published author, a degreed counselor, and an advocate of physical health, emotional health, spiritual and soul maturity.

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